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Exploration of alternative new writing and making processes.

I've been chatting to a bunch of makers, directors, dramaturgs, film artists, choreographers, designers and creatives who work with alternative making modes - by alternative I mean non-UK industry definable processes, often but not always devised, non-playwright led, pretty much always very collaborative - we had some chats around process, the difficulties we face in making work that is often takes a while to clarify, in mixing roles and working in various capacities, in mixing genres and interdisciplinary processes, around collaboration and how to honour creative partnerships and we discussed ways in which our systems currently fail and how they could better support us and the type of work we're making.

I am in the process of writing up these chats which will probably lead to more chats. It has been brilliant to share and hear from others, discovering shared frustrations, anxieties and difficulties and hooking up with like-minded, inspirational, creative beings.

Watch this space for chats and thoughts.

Thanks for chatting with me; Jemima James, Yael Shavit, Tim X Atack, Tanuja Amarasuriya, Saeed Farouky, Sara Green, Jaz Woodcock-Stewart and Elayce Ismail. 

This research was funded by an Emergency Grant from Arts Council England. 

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