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I sometimes also write things, for stage mainly.

I gave him an Orchid was awarded the 100˚ Jury Prize 2014 and was published by Wydawnictwo Littera.


Inspired by real heartbreak stories - some given, some found, some stolen – this is an act of public self-help that bounces happily along the boundaries of inappropriateness with poetic meanderings, absurdist melodrama and recounts stories of people in and out of love.


Deconstructing the same old love stories with modern day predicaments, tapping into our vulnerability, our fears and needs and inviting the audience to share their own tales and desires, I Gave Him an Orchid is ultimately a celebration of love, heartbreak and life and our preoccupation with this perpetual pumping organ.

I gave him an Orchid was developed in Berlin and London. It premiered at Sophiensaele as part of the 100° Festival 2014. It has since toured to Cammerspiel Leipzig  2017| Prague Fringe Festival 2016 | Summerhall, Edinburgh 2015 | Oval House London 2015 | Pulse Festival 2015 | Faki Festival Zagreb 2015 | Kana Arts 2014 Stettin| Best of the Fest, Sophiensaele 2014 | English Theatre Berlin 2014.

Piswer was my first full length play. It had its first life at Pulse Festival 2013 and I've recently redeveloped it with help from Dr. Leila Dawney. I am working to develop it into a short film to be developed and shot in rural coastal areas. The script lies on the shelf currently, if anyone wants to put it on that would be great.

A play about the beauty and power of the sea and the dark depths that we know nothing about. It’s about our fear of the unknown. It is about the force of nature and what happens when this crashes up against man-made infrastructure.

An immersive promenade performance for rural coastal regions, particularly those with nuclear programmes close by.

Twelve Miles from Nowhere (a collaboration with Action Transport Theatre) toured the UK and was shortlisted for Writers Guild Award 2013.

I am currently writing new project #Tamed for Flight. Written for a chorus.

A play about conforming to, and rebelling against, the status quo.#Tamed explores our need to be a part of something and our fear of being alone and investigates to what extent our behaviour, thought and agency has been tamed.

Decommissed hasn't been written yet. It came off the back of Piswer and will be a docu-drama-sci-fi addressing the decommissioning of nuclear power plants.  Investigating and researching 'post-nuclear' communities – created for a nuclear future, who, as their life-source is dismantled are left purposeless. This project investigates how opinion has changed around nuclear energy, the controversies and myths that surround it and the growing problem of what we do with the waste. 

A collaboration between sociologist Dr. Leila Dawney and myself and mentored by film maker Saeed Farouky.


I help makers and writers to develop their texts and work. I am interested in the dramaturgy of all the theatrical languages; the text and script and the physical, visual and spatial journeys of a piece. I am also interested in working multi-lingually.

I love the questioning, the problem solving, the editing, reworking. Love it.

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